Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Need to vent and wonder if anyone else can relate:

    It is sad that Muslims are all clustered into one group and somehow related to terrorism just because of some people hijacking our faith and using it to promote evil. Yet, somehow those whom are non Muslim are not related to terrorists of their faiths or clustered into one group--this double standard is oppressive. The posts I read this morning (below) made me sick to my stomach and it breaks my heart. 
    3 people were killed last night yet there is no foul cry of terrorism throughout the media and no headlines of the shooter's faith. Yet, when a crime is committed by a person who happens to be muslim, their faith is thrown on the front line and used as a motive. Not ok. 

    The fact that Muslim women are being targeted by bigots and harassed/threatened is scary, sad and unacceptable. I wear a scarf, I'm pretty tough and am not scared easily but I can't imagine the horror of going through an experience such as these girls. It seems like Islamophobia is getting worse and worst. Stupid groups like ISIS aren't helping, Fox News and their agenda isn't helping and citizens choosing to be ignorant while living in the information age isn't helping.

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