Thursday, December 2, 2010


Simply complicated,
Desperately infatuated,
So underrated,
Taken for granted, unappreciated
Don’t want to wait it
may be late but
it ate away
at me, made me say
don’t sail away
we live today,
be as it may,
there is no other way,
we’ve got to pay
for what we do,
I’m living life just as you do,
Got my eye on where I’m going to,
Amongst the falsehood we know what’s true,
We’re here in a web of MEs and YOUs,
The others too,
Seeing red, breathing green, living blue,
Let’s see with light and pick the concrete's rose that grew,
Wanting more,
What are we living for?
Stop knocking hopelessly, I’ve opened the door,
Who know’s what’s in store, it’s gotta give,
Come on in and let’s freakin’ live.
-maryam noori-

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