Friday, December 10, 2010

Ahmad Zahir - Ay Paadeshaa E Khoban (Oh, King of Beauty)

I must say, of all the songs sang by Ahmad Zahir, this one pulls my heart-strings
more than the others.  The lyrics are heavy...very heavy...full of beauty.  Not to be silly,
but this song is so good it makes me wanna slap myself (it's that good).  But on a serious note,the lyrics are like no other, the instruments are beautiful, it's just great overall.  Find the lyrics online if you can.  I'd try translating it, but my translation wouldn't do it any justice.  If you end up not finding it, let me know.  I'll translate to the best of my poor ability. I tried writing out the chorus for the little that I know.

Oh King of Beauty,
Oh King of Beauty,
I wail from the pain of loneliness,
Without you, I can't go on (my heart will die)
It is time for you to return to me.
Oh King of Beauty.

Ay paadeshah-e khoobaan
Ay paadeshah-e khoobaan
daad az gham-e tanhaayee
Del bay tu ba jaan aamad
waqt ast-u ke baaz aayee
Ay paadeshah-e khoobaan.

Ay dard-e to-am darmaan dar bestar-e naakaami
Wai yaad-e to-am mo'nes dar gosha-e tanhaayee

Dayeem gul-e een bostaan shaadaab-u namaimaanad
Daryaab za'aeefaan raa dar waqt-e tawaanaayee

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