Monday, May 10, 2010

For those coming to meet me @ Busboys for the Open-Mic event- I can't make it. Got in a car accident. Sorry.
Love me,
like the earth loves the rain...

Be my rock,
be the comfort to my pain...

Bond with me,
So we can be two links from an unbreakable chain...

Bleed your heart into mine,
be un-removable like a wine-red carpet stain...

Hear me,
like a mother hears her child's cries

See me,
as if you were just given a new pair of eyes...

Give me company,
like the cloud gives to the skies,

Sedate me,
give me countless natural highs,

Follow me,
be my shadow wherever I go....

Learn me,
know all the things I have come to know....

Infatuate me,
be the arrow in my heart, shot from cupid's bow...

Plant me in your heart,
i'm a thorny rose aching to grow....

Join me....(c)


Wake Up

Wake up,

Darkness has given in to the light of day…

Like diamonds lain on black velvet in the sunshine,
Hope glimmers…

Wrap your arms around the neck of mercy
and you shall receive it from the One Above…

Love sings louder with each note
and each beat in life's rythm
and as it hits higher,
It reminds us to be lifted…
For we are far too gifted
To hit lows…

Blows on each petal of the rose,
The rose which blooms for God’s sake,
Careless if it’s stem breaks,
As long as it served it’s purpose for the most High…

And let go of all your worries,
For no worry is needed when He is your main concern,
When you do good for Him,
You will receive good in return…

Let your heart burn with intensity for Him..
Let the fire be so enflamed
That no malice can come near it…
Strength comes with this bond,
So as when faced with tribulation,
You don’t fear it…
Put your trust in the Beloved,
The caravan of life is His, so let Him steer it…

Hear it,
The call of awakening is too real-it is a path,
you have to find the way…
Wake up…
Darkness has given in to the light of day….(c)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Driving on our way home just now, my little brother Amir and I were talking. He is so sweet mashAllah. This is what we just discussed:

"Amir: Maryam, want me to massage your head since you have a migraine?
Me: No, thank you, love. I don't want your hands to get tired.
Amir: It matters more that your head gets better, than for my hands to hurt.
Me: Aww, thank you. That's very kind of you.
Amir: Why are you thanking me? Its from the heart."

Now if only more people were this considerate, compassionate and merciful. Seems most have forgotten such qualities or think its not important.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"This life is a test, you gotta do your best"
- Amir Noori

(little bro)  a.k.a "YoungPoet"  :)