Monday, April 5, 2010

Love is a river. Drink from it.


Murid Al Haqqani said...

How will you find it ?

(Ps. I hope you don't mind leaving so many comments. They might be annoying)

Maryam Noori said...

Unless I'm mistaken, that love is a river in which the Divine can lead me to. Allah (swt) and His beloved Messenger (saaws).

It's not in this temporal dunya.

Murid Al Haqqani said...


There was a wisdom from God's infinite wisdom in sending us messengers and prophets (Upon them be peace and blessings). All guidance is from Allah and he shows it to us through the ones he selects, the greatest being his elect Prophet Syedina Muhammed. And we are not alone, for his (SAW) inheritor's are still alive to this day. May Allah bless us with their company.