Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ahmed Hussain, you are greatly missed...

Ahmed was a great friend, mentor, guide and teacher for myself as well as many Muslims. He was a person of beauty, light and inspiration. Anyone who met him knew that he was no ordinary person. He was an example of great character and spiritual strength. His journey was a short one int his life but one filled with an abundance of charisma, laughter, knowledge and love. He taught me a lot about life and Divine love for the Creator and His beautiful Creation. He had over hundreds of books, which I wish I could keep, but it will be donated to a masjid and a library will be built in his name. Please help support this cause. Sadaqa Al-Jariya is something we need in this life and more in the next. When you do good, you receive double of it in return. So make a move and help knowledge spread insh'Allah (God willing). Check out the blog and there is a link within to donate to his cause.

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