Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am a hypocrite who breathes life.
My actions may not be in the right place,
but my heart definitely is.
You and I have been created to struggle,
which is exactly what I am doing.
Dusk brings me hope every day that I rise,
and as the sun rises,
so too does my soul.
I cling to you just as I cling to tomorrow,
hoping I'll get it right this time.
So know that I am not malicious,
nor do I gain pleasure from my wrongs.
You can't judge me harsher than I judge myself,
for you can't dissect me the way I can.
The reflection in the mirror constantly speaks to me,
reminding me who I am, beneath the smiles,
the poker face and frown.
I see me at night,
before sleep takes me to my temporary death
under the moonlight.
Ask our Creator how a face can become so bright upon waking,
and you shall receive 'Hope' as an answer.
While I constantly stumble on life's path,
we all fall down.(c)


Ibn RUMI said...

mashallah...your quite the poet sister...deep as an ocean...keep it up.

Maryam Noori said...

jazakam'Allahu khairun for your kindness, though I am undeserving of it.