Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I sit here,
As my heart burst into flames.
Glowing embers,
Dispersed in all directions,
Wondering which way is home.

By this moment,
My soul expanded,
Reaching across the vast oceans,
And wrapping its arms around you.

My soul stirs when you mention me.

Though stormy nights come often,
It is to give way to the silver moonlight,
Reflecting our reflections.

As dawn descends upon us,
Whispers are heard from our tongues,
Expressing the ecstatic murmurs of our hearts.

I need not speak for you to understand.

When the breeze caresses my cheek,
My friend,
I send you wishes of peace,
Hoping it is felt when it reaches you.

I sit here,
Watching this fire glow,
Amazed at the Light upon Light.
I paint whatever image my words can paint,
For you to see as I see.

With the cup in my hand,
I swallow the elixir of life,
Taking in every sip,
As a breath.
You are the inhale to my exhale
And I wait for my turn.

Hold my hand,
For we are not done yet.
We have a lifetime left,
however long that may be.

Let the fire burn.(c)


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