Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blessed Mustafa

Ya RasulAllah, Ya HabibAllah

Blessed are you O Mustafa
The chosen one, the beloved of Allah
Blessed are you O HabibAllah
Seal of prophets, the shining star
Ya RasulAllah, Ya HabibAllah

Blessed are you O rose of nature, the glorious symbol of the Creator
Blessed are you O highest of the high, the brightest star of prophecy's sky
Blessed are you O best of prophets, the most kind and the last of prophets
Blessed is our Prophet's perfection, which bore Divine unity's reflection

Blessed is your source of knowledge divine, outstanding and last in the prophets' line
Blessed are you O embodiment of grace, birds of heaven sing his praise
Blessed is the sovereign of paradise, compassionate, merciful, loving and wise
Blessed is the moment of your birth, when endless glory spread the earth

Blessed are you O privileged one, who divided the moon and called back the sun
Blessed are you who stood in God's light, when Moses fainted at first sight
Blessed are your feet and the way the Qur'an swore by whose pathway
Blessed are you who merged in God's light, and establish the rule of right over might

Blessed is your ore and dignity, best in piety and humility
Blessed is your beaming complexion, which gives onlookers a satisfaction
Blessed is your rare gift of eloquence, which wins the heart of your audience
Blessed is your look so affectionate, caring, kind and compassionate

Blessed are your shoulders dignified, in whom dignity itself took pride
Blessed are your ways immaculate, in every sense pious and great
Blessed are you who went to pray, in a cave alone by night and day
Blessed is your mission of Islam, replacing violence with peace and calm

Ya RasulAllah, Ya HabibAllah, Ya NabiAllah...

*this is a song that Aashiq-al-Rasul sang

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