Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another re-post of "How Sad"

How sad,
A lover of life has fallen
She has too many burdens to take it all in
When she’s hit rock bottom, her positive thoughts are always stallin.
To her creator she’s constantly callin,
She’s impatient, constantly teary-eyed and bawlin,
Doesn’t want anyone to break her “personal box” wall in
Wherever she goes she has on her back her problems that she’s haulin
Once a strong woman who walked confidently, now she’s crawlin.
The things she once loved, she now finds appalling.
Her meditation, spirituality, the devils slowly uninstalling.
Nobody she wants to speak to, this chick is constantly blogging,
Forgot about the great things she did, constantly rememberin her downfalls and—
Anticipates the nightfall when—
her mind will sleep,
Her mind also her enemy recallin
The wrongs in her life.
All this negative energy is building like a snowball and
Has frozen her mind.
She needs her heart’s coils to unwind.
She knows she can no longer be blind
to God’s mercy and love combined in this test.
Needs to break out of this box that has got her confined,
Accept all the great offerings that she so quickly declined.
Has to rebuild her reason of existence she had so clearly defined.
Wants to go back to the days where she was so entwined with the most Merciful’s love.
See, she has all of this so perfectly outlined,
But its useless if she doesn’t take a step back and rewind,
Remind herself of all the tasks to which God had her assigned,
Years ago there was a promise that she made, a verbal contract she signed,
That she will no longer dance with the devil, the destroyer of mankind,
She’s gotta let go of her baggage, leave all the b.s. behind
And work back towards the days of when her heart will once again shine,
This lover of life realizes her answers are always and only with the divine..

How sad...(c)

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Abraham Alawi said...

Nice reflections! :)