Saturday, November 22, 2008

Master manipulators,
playing devil's advocate while turning a blind eye,
leading the earnest seekers to spiritual death,
claiming to work for the most High.
They are led to follow blindly,
rather than to ask, "who", "what" or "why"...
Making sure their work is done,
creating delusions on the sly,
Not caring that their ego is killing them slowly,
leading them to abuse, these false pretenders naturally lie,
While the thirsty worshippers just want to get a piece of the
Sirat-ul-mustaqeem pie...
My frustrations are seeping,
The ignorance they spread to the others causes me to cry,
But it takes one person to stand up and change things,
only way to get there is to try,
Can't only do it with one person,
let's start it with you and I...(c)

1 comment:

Abraham Alawi said...

I just hope that the disturbance of that kind of people don't lead us to be distracted from the real issues.