Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drops of blessings kiss my face
as love-drops compete in life's unstoppable race,
pools of joy immersed in the earth,
it's beauty is what gives my eyesight worth...
to hear it's melody as it pours,
is what causes my spirit to dance and ask for more,
its essence is what gives life drink
and causes me to admire and think
about how my Lord helps ease my pain,
just by sending me the beloved rain...(c)


Norfolk said...

oo nice, i like this one.

Laila said...

wow-well then i guess i won't be complaining about the rain anymore after reading this!...i dont' know what it is about these water poems that grab me but I think i completely soaked in your last one's just extremely powerful how you combine the element with yourself...allowing water to be a piece and part of you rather than an object outside of yourself...not explicitly as your last one but more implicitly-the water inspires you, moves you and so in actuality becomes a prt of you...and just like the last one you did-i can definitely hear the water...short poems but they dive diving-see you got me into it...just one thing that kind of got me stuck when i was reading...nothing major but a suggestion...i think the rhythym would flow a bit better if you changed the line "to hear it's melody as it pours, is what causes my spirit to dance and ask for more" to "hearing its melody as it pours, my spirit dances and asks for more"...lovely and inspiring-wont ever complain about rain again (well i'll try ;)...