Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"La ilaha il allah...
muhammadun rasulallah"...

a phrase many of us say,
but few of us feel...

we're stuck in a spiritual coma,
our hearts have forgotten how to feel..

caught up in delusion,
can't distinguish between what's false and what's real,

yet we think we know what we're doing,
tryin to politick with Allah, bargaining with the most High,
thinking life is a deal...

passin thru the motions of life,
only submitting to our Nafs, our Ego's appeal...

He's waiting for us to turn to him
so our diseased hearts can heal...

Makin false promises to ourselves,
who says we have the next day?

Forget the next day, what about tonight?

Are you really ready to duke it out when
Shaitan's ready to fight?

Learn to love your Creator and your Prophet, peace be upon he,
you know Allah's mercy is stronger than His might,

Been living life in the left lane,
need to switch over to the right...

We must love, not like one another
let your soul reach new heights,

Start now, leave my company
and make your relationship with Him tight...

May you state your shahada with confirmation
and may we all live in the warmth of His beloved light...(c)
-Maryam N-


Notorious said...

really loved your poem..hope to read more of it in the comin days!!

Lina said...

Beautiful and well said, Mashallah