Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Listen up...or Open your eyes I mean..

Every one who considers himself better than one of the creatures of God most high is arrogant. Indeed, you ought to realize that the good man is he who is good in God’s sight in the mansion of eternity; and that is something unknown to man, postponed to the End. Your belief that you are better than others is sheer ignorance. Rather you ought not to look at anyone without considering that he is better than you and superior to you. Thus, if you see a child, you say, ‘This person has never sinned against God, but I have sinned, and so he is better than I.’ And if you see an older person, you say, ‘This man was a servant of God before me, and is certainly better than I.’ If he is a scholar, you say, ‘This man has been given what I have not been given and reached what I did not reach, and knows what I am ignorant of; then how shall I be like him?’ And if he is ignorant, you say, ‘This man has sinned against God in ignorance, and I have sinned against Him knowingly, so God’s case against me is stronger, and I do not know what end He will give to me and what end to him.’

Arrogance will not leave your heart except when you know that the great man is he who is great in the sight of God most high. That is something which cannot be known until the end of life, and there is doubt about that (the end and whether it will be good or bad). So let fear of the end occupy you and keep you from making yourself out, despite the doubt about your end, to be aboved the servants of God most high. Your certitude and faith at present do not exclude the possibility of your changing in the future; for God is the disposer of hearts; He guides whom He will and leads astray whom He will.

Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, The Beginning of Guidance


Anonymous said...

This very interesting subject and well written and enjoyable and understandable “EXCELLENT accomplishment “. I was reading a book yesterday titled ( RAZ HAI NEFOOZ SHAITAN BAR INSAN) your words reminds of what I red on the book about arrogance, specially consider one self better than another exactly what SAITAN did when he ignored gods order to SAJDA for ADAM .

It also reminds me of a story about a great prophet. I don’t remember his name specifically but it says prophet was walking road through a crowed of people. He was so humble poor wearing old clothes. A shop keep looked him down and thought he was better than him so he started making fun of him by throwing dirty vegetables at his clothes and made him all dirty. The prophet looks at him and continues walking with patience and never looks back. Another man comes along and makes the shop shopkeeper aware of whom he was messing with. When he realizes that he was messenger of God he was scared and runs after him for apologies. He couldn’t find the prophet he follows his foot steps and it leads to a mosque he enters the mosque and finds the prophet praying. He waits for him to finish then he goes and throws him self under his foot and apologizes for his sins and for what he did. Prophet pads him on the shoulder and tells him to stand up, looks him in the eye and says I have been praying NAFAL just for you asking Allah to forgive you for your sin that you committed May god lead you to the right path. The man was amazed to hear this and become one of the close followers of this prophet because he was the epitome of AKHLEQ NEK WA SHAYESTA. Khudawand AKHLAQ E KHOB NASEB BEGARDANA AMEN. JAB

Adam said...

So friday evening when I came in my aunt said that my mom called lookin for me cuz I hadn't spoken to her all week so give her a call if u are feeling up to it. So I call her and when she asks how was my week I said i'm still not feeling too well she sed well u have to take care of yourself. if u don care about yourself i do and she was at the brink of tears, which I thought was a bit unnecessary. Then when my sister came home last night and I was telling her about it she sed well u never come home (as opposed to feelin the same way i do) btw i saw my folks less than 2 weeks ago. so this morning when i mentioned her reaction to my aunt she suggested i go home once a week jus for peace sake which irritated me a lil. when i read this blog i thought about my reaction and how i would do better to be more calm and humble and go home once a week as my aunt suggests because there may well be a day when i wish i could go visit my mother and cant and thus i will wish i had done so more. yet again reminding me that your blog is good for my soul!