Thursday, August 14, 2008


My partner in life,
The 2nd gender to my soul,
the other half of me,
the one who makes me whole,

My tag-team partner,
constantly tryin to progress,
the one who takes my hand
and helps me pass life, the biggest and greatest test...

The one I wake to in the mornings,
the one who completes my smile,
the one I admire so fondly,
the one who makes everything worthwhile,

The father of my children,
the king of my throne,
the one who my heart let's in,
the one always holding me, never leaving me alone,

The one whom I grow old with,
the one whom shares my pillow,
my sunshine after the rain,
the one whom i can't let go..

My husband, my friend,
the one I'll love til the end...
waiting for the day i meet you,
so my jaded heart can mend...

-Maryam Noori-

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Adam said...

:~) mashallah!