Monday, August 25, 2008

Life's Song...

Just you and I here in my thoughts..
Just you and I…
You and I…
I have stayed too far for too long…
I have forgotten the rhythm to life’s love song…
I became deaf to the tune of my heart’s strings…
I lost the feeling of the earth’s drum beat in my core,
I stopped hearing the birds sing…

I heard Your song again yesterday,
You touched my heart with so much love,
I realized how far I had strayed,
Forgetting that you always watch me from up above…

Oh God,
I don’t ever want to miss a beat,
I don’t want to forget my life’s tune,
Waiting for the day we finally meet,
Not sure as to how soon…

The comfort you grant my heart,
Incomparably deep,
I’m ashamed for keeping us apart,
I can’t tread on this road alone,
My hill is way too steep…

Through pain-ridden sobs, I reach out for you,
Scared you have left me on my path,
But how can I think such things,
When your beloved mercy outweighs your wrath?

I cling to you, never wanting to let you go,
I’ve been learning my lessons you have been teaching me,
I’m coming to know what I need to know,
I feel your caring guidance as my problems increase
and my faith continues to grow.

My heart is now beating to your beauty’s rhythm,
Your love is seeping through my pores
I will keep our conversations deep within
I won’t give up the burning passion for your favor which is instilled in my core…

I’m dancing…and singing…to the song you planted in my heart…
My life is changing chorus,
My verses are changing,
My ears, heart and mind has finally opened to you again..
Just you and I today,
You and I,

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