Friday, July 25, 2008

Water of Life

The water of life is leaking from my soul...

Torrents of emotions,

waves of expression,
and tides of love making me whole.

Come drown with me into the sea of Life

lets sail upon my heart's stream...

lets dive deep into my mind

and discover treasures unseen...

Flow with me down the river of intellect,

lets bathe our spirits in Hope's pool,

Wash our egos with the ocean of realness,

swim through the waterfalls of dreams,

and lets let the water of life storm upon us,

and flood through our life's scenes.



1 comment:

Laila said...

i love this one because not only do you read it and feel it but you hear it as well...drip drop adds a good effect i think you should do more of that type adding sounds to your poetry...and the water theme goes all the way through the whole poem connecting it around a single thing but its not really single-its a mesh of things mixing as water does when you use words that have the S sounds...definitely makes it flow...feels like your pulling us into your soul and letting us slide through on a waterride through your heart and mind inviting us to keep swimming...absolutely beautiful!