Saturday, May 31, 2008


So it's me and my free-writin again.
Saturday, early evening, late afternoon,
pickin up mother nature's pattern for the day,
the rain has been coming and going, coming and goin, comin and.....
everything is so fresh, the sky cried upon us and let its tears stream down our creeks...
the earth rumbled, the ground shook, the horizon lit up with every bolt of thunder....
I ran out of the Toys R' Us, after buying my friend's newborn nephew a gift.
People were standing by the doors, holding bags over their heads, hesitating to go out,
scared of Nature's beautiful expression of emotion.
I walked out into the storm without hesitation, I have faced many storms in my life.
Mental hurricanes, twisters, earthquakes--why would I hesitate to make contact with the rain?
I walked out, feeling the raindrops kiss my hands, my clothes, my face, my feet....
Walked through puddles of rain, flip-flops becoming heavy as it quenches the water,
I saw hail all around me.
I love thunderstorms like this.
I'm home now, thinking a lot.
There's a flood outside my house and a flood inside my house.
The flood is in's in my thoughts...
I wish the flood was just a rainstorm in my mind,
washing my unwanted thoughts away,
washing my pain, my sadness, my anger, my anxiety, my.....
oh the list could go on forever....
Raindrops are dripping off the leaves of the tree in front of my view.
It looks re-born...
It looks so beautiful...
The wind caresses the tree,
causing it to sway side to side in ecstasy.'s creation.
I love thunderstorms...
I love the rain...
Maryam Noori

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lookin at the world through your own distorted reflection
You see ugliness and your own deceit and lies,
your heart's deterioratin from a terrible infection.
See one day you'll realize,
my Creator will break it down for you into sections,
you don't even see your puncture wounds
from receiving the devil's lethal injections.
Keep dying if you wish,
I no longer have any objections.
As it's said, only the lonely die slowly,
you'll lose your life-lines and your connections.
What's the purpose to your life
when you just abuse someone who gives you nothing but affection?
I have met few people like you,
you're ugliness is added to the world's negative collection.
Why don't you learn how to love God, humanity and earth?
Give your soul a cleansing C-section,
Let yourself be reborn,
reflect on the lover's projection.
You will no longer be filled with darkness,
your life will be as sweet as sugar's confection...
But I tried telling you this so many times,
you only took it as me trying to make a correction.
Yet look at what happened in the end--
you're known as nothing more than a liar who hid behind God's name
yet wears the face of someone who's consumed with dejection.
God gave me a chance,
he tried to tell me about your schemes, my senses were right in all their detections.
Faced with the truth,
you turn and run in the wrong direction.
You didn't realize out of love,
I was trying to get into your heart and perform a dissection.
God taught me my own lesson,
to break down my building of lies, to fix my dishonest imperfections.
I had to look towards my own self, look through my mirror,
give my own self a good inspection.
Now I know which road to take, praise He,
I'm at the right place on this intersection.
I cling to my Creator,
ask for forgiveness and for his loving protection.
I cringe when I remember my faults, I shudder at my own fault's recollection.
It's time to wake and purify myself,
my soul is going through its own resurrection.
Feel me.