Thursday, April 24, 2008

Woke up today,
My mind has gotten weary,
My mood is dark and dreary,
Gotta break through these psychological locks,
Gotta step outside of this mind-prison box
Look toward the light,
Gotta end this conscience-fight
This is my Creator’s might,
He put me through this plight,
Shaitan’s blurryin my sight,
Been thinking with my left, needto start things with my right,
Take my love for Allah to a new height,
My relationship with Him needsto be tight…
My heart’s lookin towards heaven for a flight,
To help me feel some ease….

Wantin to escape, but I gotta stay,
Everyone’s lost and hopeless, but I know there’s a way,
Remindin myself tomorrow’s a new day,
Gotta repent before my body has to lay,
Unlock my heart’s doors, it has so much to say,
When the devil’s knockin, i gotta say nay,
The price is TOO big to pay,
Rollin up my sleeves, preparing for the battle,
Gonna face for the come of what may…
-Maryam Noori-

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