Friday, April 25, 2008

Watch out for this hurricane,
My thoughts are a storm,
Completely sane,
Just out of the norm.
You observe with disdain
As my heart’s feelings take form.
Bleed my mind’s stain,
Wear the many roles that I’ve worn.
Don’t come too near,
For you will leave feeling torn,
Think you can? See what I’ve seen
And bear what I’ve borne.
Take a ride down my heart’s stream,
Bare your soul and show the feeling’s I’ve shown.
Don’t fear getting deep,
Get to know what I’ve known,
Scared to expand your heart?
Come grow as I’ve grown,
Afraid to feel?
Come love as I’ve loved and mourne as I’ve mourned.
Take the jewels of my life,
Learn its value and it will be something you’ll truly adorn.
Learn me.
-Maryam Noori-

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