Monday, April 21, 2008

Lyin, cheatin, the world’s filled with soul-disease,
We’re turning a blind eye and coverin our ears
From the helpless ones pleas,
Worryin about petty matters,
Chasin after this life, only a mere tease,
Gotta look at the world through my third-eye,
See what the enlightened sees,
Tryin to aim high,
The world is for me to seize.
Everyday, finding clearer answers for “Who am I?”
Making love with the world spiritually, putting my aching heart at ease…
Gotta make peace with humanity, the least I can do is try,
Keep movin forward, together my heart has become pieced,
No longer wondering why,
Struggling, sometimes failing, but trying to do what keeps myself and my Creator pleased…..
-Maryam Noori

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