Friday, March 21, 2008


Sitting here, kinda down, but not depressed,
Contemplating on a topic from last night that a friend stressed,
we politicked over tea and fruit, over this sad situation named ''compressed''
Our world has been molded and micromanaged and pressed,
into this little selfish pattern, which I do so strongly detest,
People have forgotten how to feel, but wonder why their hearts can't find rest..
Innocent people are starving and decaying, in their hopeless, fearful nests,
We could save the impoverished world, our abilities have progressed,
Yet there are those who countlessly fail the "give a damn" test...
Let's give them the study guides, pass it out to north, south, east and west...
We have to take it further than a conversation between two lovers of life--
who at their best
try to test,
trying to figure out
how to break out
of this sad-ending situation called compressed....
-Maryam Noori 3/21/08

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