Sunday, February 3, 2008

Excerpt from Khuluq Al Muslim-Etiquette of Conversation1

Of All the gifts given to man by Allah, speech is the greatest and man's superiority over other creatures is due to it.

"The Most Merciful(Allah); He taught (mankind) the Qur'an, He created man;

He taught him eloquent speech." (55:1-4)

Islam has given special attention to the etiquette of speaking, because an individual's speech reflects his intellectual quality and his natural inclinations, and also the manners of speaking reveal a group's moral standards and its decency.

The tongue is a rein in the hands of Shaitan. He turns its owner in any direction he wants. When a person has no control over his affairs, his mouth utters all negative things which taint the heart and cover it with lassitude (lack of energy or weariness). The Messenger of Allah(saaws) said: "Man's faith cannot remain straight unless his heart is straight, and his heart cannot remain straight unless his tongue is straight." (Ahmad)...

A senseless talker cannot connect his thoughts with this words and so he blurts out whatever comes to his tongue. Sometimes he says something that he may get him into trouble and destroy his future. It is said, the more you talk, the more mistakes you will make.

An arabic poet says: :"A young man may die because of the slip of his tongue, though death does not come by the slipping of the foot."

Shaitan is always trying to ambush humans and create enmity between them. He changes minor disagreements into big fights and does not allow good words to stop them.

"Kind words and forgiving of fault is better than the charity followed by injury.

And Allah is Most Forbearing." (2:263)

It is better to treat a person with kindness than give him a gift and follow it with taunts.

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