Thursday, January 31, 2008

There are four things which are useful and beneficial for everyone, namely:
To be just;
To be guided by wisdom;
To be patient and persevering and
To respect people.
-Shaikh Fariduddin 'Attar

There are four things, which go to point out the foolishness of a person, namely:
Not to see his own bad defects in the world;
To be in search of the defects of others;
To sow the seed of stinginess in his heart;
And inspite of it, to expect generosity.

Shaikh Fariduddin 'Attar

The greatest calamity that befall the heedless is that they are ignorant of their own faults.
-Ali Hajwiri

"It is in supporting one another that two hands find strength. A thorny branch can only be cut if the left hand is helping. The right hand raised alone could not cut even a morsel of meat."

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