Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writer's Block

clearin thoughts..
lettin my mind unwind...

ideas screamin out, fightin,
lettin my head fast-forward and rewind...

writers-block of the intellect,
put a pause...kept a hold,

not finding the right object,
to fit in this mind-created mold...

gotta let the schemes drift away,
holdin me back,
i have so much to say,

pen on paper, finger on keys...
doesn't matter the method,
just gotta put my mind at ease...

the writer's got block, can't think straight...
the piece becomes greater as it unravels,
its worth the wait...

gotta retract, pull back in,
let the block break away,
then i'll search from within,
who knows what tomorrow holds,
for its a new chapter, a new day...
-by Maryam Noori

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