Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Life, the other L word…
Has so many twists and turns,

Makes you think you’re important & special,
You livin a lie,

left w/ nothing but 1st degree burns..
Temporary emotions,
Semi-permanent scars,
Broken hearts, uneven proportions,
Too busy to remember our creator,
We’re busy fighting meaningless wars.
Fight with your inner,
Forget everyone else.
Don’t let your ego be the winner,
You have to break your “self”.
We all fall for the lies,
Foolin our hearts,
Waiting for our love to materialize.
We’re left with nothing but torn up parts.
Who are we turning to?
To God or to Man?
People don’t want to push themselves,
Say they “can’t” and forgot how to use the word “can”.
There’s a difference between the two, don’t you see?
One loves temporarily, the other one loves for eternity.
One has days where he wants you, or will give you attention,
The other loves you unconditionally and knows your intentions.
One’s love has condition and can easily be taken,
The other has a mercy that leaves my heart shaken.
One I can turn to whenever I need,
The other will always have some sort of self-greed.
We’re deceived by false creatures,
People caught up in some game.
Sellin their souls for nothing-but money, fortune and fame.

God sends them great gifts,
With it they don’t know what to do,
Then when they screw themselves over,
They’re left w/ regret in their faces til they turn blue.
They ask themselves why they’re lost and unfortunate,
Theirs is a deep and dark soul.
Not realizing they fell into shaitan’s number one goal.
So petty, so useless, so weak in the mind,
People can’t look in the mirror cuz they’ll wish they could rewind,
If only, one more chance, 'but', 'can’t' and 'please'.
People of the dunya caught up in this deadly self-destructing disease.
All we can do is pray for them and wish them the best,
Sadly some won’t learn their lesson til someone they know is laid to rest.
Contemplate death, reflect and ponder.
Get to know your Creator as you learn about his love,
For Him, your heart will grow fonder.
Ask yourself everyday,
As one asked, Is God far from you?
Who moved?
Return to the Almighty,
He will take you.
Remember, his mercy and compassion he has countlessly proved.
Now, you have to do what you gotta do…

-by Maryam Noori 6/18/07

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