Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is It?

IS this life filled with realization?
Frustration, confrontation, receiving the wrong education?
Contemplation leads to hesitation,
Then to temptation.
This life is just a test to see how far we have progressed,
And to know destiny’s manifest,
To finally gain some success.
Why are we so obsessed to possess and end up being repressed
And stressed for power.
Power is obsolete and attractive,
Radioactive and reactive.
Everyone craves it, they fiend,
They turn green and can only be mean
For power is only meant for one in this life,
Or so it seems.
This world is filled with flatterin,
Scatterin, things not matterin,
Heavy-hearts shatterin,
With the same ol’ pattern.
This life is full of extortions,
Emotions, explosions, corrosions,
Proportions and notions.
Is this life real? When can we heal?
When will they learn to feel?
Give back the lives that they steal,
Give everyone dying of hunger a meal,
Stop bargaining with God,
Thinking life is a deal.
Nobody’s heart is made out of steel.
Stop thinking you can control everything
with just a spin of the wheel.
Is this life for real?
There’s no promise for the next breath
That we take, the mistakes that we make,
The funk that we fake,
The lives we put at stake,
The fearful bodies that shake,
Its time that we wake,
This aint a joke or a game.
For value of life for everywhere is the same.
This life is nothing without feeling any shame.
We need to put out the burning flames
And forget about fame,
Just take a look at the world’s frame
And tell me who is to blame.

Is this life real…
-by Maryam Noori 2004

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